Ethiopia Shares Children Parliaments Experience at Norway Conference
ሐሙስ, 15 December 2011 08:35

This month, the Ethiopian Institution of the Ombudsman shared its expeirences and best practice in relation to the protection and promotion of the rights of children at an international conference organized in Oslo, Norway. The conference was orgnaized by Save the Children Norway, with several countries represented.

A four member EIO delegation led by the Deputy Chief Ombudsman W/ro Serawit Seleshi and the Children and Women Affairs Ombudsman W/ro Saniya Sani represented the Ethiopian delegation.

At the conference, W/ro Saniya highlighted Ethiopia’s experience with regards to the protection of the right of children taking Children’s parliaments as a best practice.

She said the EIO established 11 model children parliaments across Ethiopia with a view to allowing children’s voice to be heard and building a democratic culture. The children parliaments have now expanded to 70 in Ethiopia, she underlined.

Delegates from Africa, South America, Asia, and Europe working on Children’s Rights attended the conference and imparted their experiences under the theme of “Children’s Rights and Good Governance”  in order to identify how their function and position could be strengthened and further developed.

The Conference took place in light of a recent discussion internationally, on Children’s Ombudsmen as an important part of the follow up of the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC).

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